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Did Trump Pull a COVID Hoax? #TrumpCovidHoax Goes Viral After People Accuse Donald Trump of Faking Having Coronavirus COVID-19

Did Donald Trump fake having COVID? Did Donald Trump pull a COVID hoax? Hashtag #TrumpCovidHoax is going viral after people accused Donald Trump of faking having coronavirus. Donald Trump released a message saying he was being discharged from the Walter Reed Medical Center, but it was what he said after that raised some people’s eyebrows. Almost instantly the hashtag “Trump Covid Hoax” took over social media.

Donald Trump told people “Don’t be afraid of Covid.. I feel better than I did 20 years ago”. In that moment people began to think that Donald Trump faked having COVID-19 for political clout. Take a look at how #TrumpCovidHoax started trending worldwide.

Is there a Trump Covid Hoax? Would Trump really fake having coronavirus? There might be 5 reasons why Trump would fake a COVID infection:

  • Trump faking COVID got the media of his back on the NY tax story.
  • Trump faking coronavirus got the media to stop talking about his debate performance, which many said was lackluster.
  • Trump faking COVID-19 distracted media from the whole Proud Boys debacle.
  • Trump’s Covid Hoax possibly gained him more sympathy from his supporters, and people who where undecided.
  • Lastly a Trump Covid Hoax would make it possible for Trump to say COVID isn’t a big deal, since he “experienced” it.

There is currently no concrete proof that Trump faked COVID, but his announcement was strange enough to make #TrumpCovidHoax continue to trend.

Author: JordanThrilla

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