We have all seen how large Kawhi hands are, and one of his fingers blocked a dunk during Game 3. Kawhi Leonard blocked Jamal Murray’s dunk with one finger during Game 3 Nuggets vs Clippers. At first it looked like a normal block, but on the slow motion replay it revealed Kawhi Leonard used his middle finger to block Jamal Murray’s dunk. Yes you heard that right, Kawhi Leonard stuck up his middle finger to block Jamal Murray’s dunk.

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The craziest part about this is the fact that Kawhi Leonard’s finger didn’t break, not to talk of the block itself. Kawhi may truly have a robotic finger.

Kawhi Leonard’s nickname is the claw, and this was another moment that proves why. He doesn’t even need his hand to block a dunk. Kawhi Leonard will meet you at the rim with his middle finger literally. Jamal Murray will never forget the moment Kawhi gave him a middle finger block.

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