NLE Choppa summoning fire like Avatar with his hands is sparking Illuminati Conspiracy Theories. In the footage NLE Choppa controls fire just like a character from Avatar: The Last Airbender. NLE Choppa was trying to prove that “we are more than our physical state”, in his exact words.

When NLE Choppa created fire, what he may have proven is that he may have learned this technique during an Illuminati ritual. Often times you see flames being controlled at alleged Illuminati gatherings.

NLE Choppa announced yesterday he would no longer rap about violence, so maybe he will rap about things such as controlling fire with his mind now. Does this make NLE Choppa the first openly Illuminati rapper ever?

Some Conspiracy Theorists believe NLE Choppa summoning fire with his mind is an attempt to test the waters of how people would react to his Illuminati ties.

This is definitely something you shouldn’t try at home.

Author: JordanThrilla