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Kid Disses Kendrick Nunn in Viral Video: Little Kid Goes on “What Happened to Kendrick Nunn” Rant After Heat Lose Game 3 vs Celtics

A little kid went on a rant dissing Kendrick Nunn after Heat lost Game 3 to the Celtics. During the rant the kid asked “What Happened to Kendrick Nunn?”, then got real disrespectful with it. The kid even told Kendrick Nunn if he is watching the video, he better stop playing like trash.

Kendrick Nunn has had a very tough playoffs, almost getting no playing time in most games. It’s shocking to most people, because Nunn was a strong candidate for rookie of the year. These days when he comes in games, it means the game is out of reach.

When Erik Spoelstra put Kendrick Nunn in the game today, this little kid had enough. Take a look at this little kid going in on Kendrick Nunn.


Usually a player like Kendrick Nunn probably wouldn’t care about the opinion of the little kid. However, this video is enough to probably make him at least a tiny bit angry.

That kid disrespected Kendrick Nunn to the max, and it’s hilarious. When he zoomed in on Kendrick Nunn’s smiling picture we couldn’t stop laughing.

The ranting kid wants to know what happened to Kendrick Nunn? Will anyone ever have the real answer?

Author: JordanThrilla

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