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Colby Covington Disses Lebron James and Joe Biden in Post Fight Interview and Tyron Woodley Responds from Hospital

When Colby Covington beat Tyron Woodley easily at UFC Vegas 11 you knew he would get disrespectful after the match. Colby Covington dissed Lebron James and Joe Biden during his post fight after interview. Tyron Woodley responded to Colby Covington from the hospital a short time later.

Colby Covington called Lebron James a “spineless coward”, and called Joe Biden “sleepy joe”. Colby Covington went on to call himself part of the “silent majority”, and claimed Donald Trump will win upcoming election in a landslide.

Take a listen at Colby Covington dissing Lebron James along with Joe Biden, and Tyron Woodley responding from the hospital.


A few days ago Colby Covington was under fire for alluding to Tyron Woodley being a terrorist for supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

Now that Colby Covington directly called Lebron James a “spineless coward”, it seems more clear what he meant with those earlier comments from this past week.

Author: JordanThrilla

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