Did Colby Covington call Black Lives Matter terrorists? Colby Covington and Tito Ortiz are accused of being racist after calling Black Lives Matter supporter Tyron Woodley a terrorist. In what some are calling a racist Instagram posts, Colby Covington called Tyron Woodley a terrorist sympathizer. Tito Ortiz called Tyron Woodley a terrorist in reply to Colby Covington’s IG post.

Take a look at Colby Covington’s racist remarks about about Tyron Woodley and Black Lives Matter.

When Colby Covington used the term “domestic terrorist”, it seemed clear he was taking shots a Black Lives Matter since Tyron Woodley is an avid supporter of the social justice movement. Since he called Tyron Woodley a “terrorist sympathizer”, it could mean Colby Covington is calling Black Lives Matter a terrorist movement.

Those details along with his is political rhetoric lead some people to believe Colby Covington is racist.

If this match wasn’t personal before, it’s personal now. The bad blood between these two is deeper than competition now.

Author: JordanThrilla