When Kyle Kuzma reacted Breonna Taylor’s family getting $12 million, it caused quite a stir on twitter. Kyle Kuzma responded to Breonna Taylor’s family winning the lawsuit with a controversial statement that was in the form of a question. Kyle Kuzma said, “So how I’m reading this Breonna Taylor situation: Money over Justice. Right?“.

Kyle Kuzma is part of a large number of people who believe Breonna Taylor’s family was given hush money, so the police officers involved won’t have to face any repercussion of jail time.

Take look at argument that ensued on Twitter over Kyle Kuzma’s statement about Breonna Taylor.

Is the lawsuit money really hush money like Kyle Kuzma is alluding to? Are the people that are defending the police actions being hypocritical? Whatever the answers to these questions are, Kyle Kuzma sure started a fire storm on Twitter.

If only that $12 Million could bring Breonna Taylor back to life. Hopefully it can somehow bring her family peace, even if what they feel is “justice” is never served.

RIP Breonna Taylor.

Author: JordanThrilla