Moneybagg Yo and Ari are viral after fans heard Ari’s crying voicemails. Moneybagg Yo put Ari crying voicemails on a track from his new Code Red Mixtape. Moneybagg Yo put a series of voicemails from Ari begging him to call her.

After the first voicemails, you can hear Ari break down in tears saying “I’m sick of this call me back” to Moneybagg Yo. Take listen.

When Moneybagg Yo bought Ari a lambo truck a few months ago, no one ever expected that he would embarrass her like this on his new mixtape. A lot of people are saying she should have known Moneybagg Yo would do something like this to her given his track record.

Moneybagg Yo putting Ari’s voicemails on his new mixtape might be a bigger moment than the mixtape itself in terms of social media.

Author: JordanThrilla