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Facebook Instagram Exposed for Spying on iPhone Users by Using Their Cellphone Cameras Illegally in Massive Lawsuit

Has you iPhone camera ever turned on, and you wondered how it happened? Well Facebook and Instagram are in the news for spying on people again. Facebook Instagram was exposed for spying on iPhone users by using their cellphone cameras illegally in a massive lawsuit.

Court documents from San Francisco federal court say that Facebook Instagram intentionally spied on iPhone users by accessing their camera without permission.

It all started when people started complaining of getting a message that their camera was being accessed while browsing the Instagram app. iPhone users complained that the green FaceTime logo would appear randomly whenever they used the Instagram app.

Facebook is denying the claims of the lawsuit, and blaming it on a glitch that caused the FaceTime symbol to show even though the camera wasn’t on. However, the court believes Facebook is lying and accused them of stealing private and very personal information from iPhone users phones.

News of the Instagram lawsuit comes on the same day TikTok was banned from the US.

Story is still developing.

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