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Donald Trump Blamed for TikTok Ban: People React TikTok Being Banned in United States with Trump TikTok Ban Conspiracy Theory

A Donald Trump TikTok Ban Conspiracy Theory catching fire. People are blaming Donald Trump for the TikTok ban. People reacted to TikTok getting banned in the United States with emotions of despair, happiness, and anger. While some people where happy that they don’t have to see people using TikTok anymore, others where angry and shifted the blame to Donald Trump.

TikTok is commonly used by people to highlight potential lies Donald Trump is accused of saying, and even was used to sabotage one of his rallies a few months ago. This is led some people believe that Donald Trump is behind the TikTok ban happening this weekend.

Take a look the reactions to TikTok being banned from US app stores.


The belief is that Donald Trump banned TikTok to save himself in the upcoming election. With TikTok banned, it will lower the amount of anti Trump propaganda that would have been floating around on the app. TikTok is very influential on younger voters.

While it’s only a Conspiracy Theory that Donald Trump caused TikTok to be banned, given his track record it’s very easy to believe.

Author: JordanThrilla

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