Lakers allegedly held secret scrimmages at a Bel Air Mansion with a replica Staples Center court during quarantine for COVID-19. JJ Reddick snitched on the Lakers during a recent Bill Simmons interview, where he hinted that Lakers players where holding secret scrimmages at a Bel Air mansion all through coronavirus quarantine.

Eyebrows are raised at this rumored for two reasons. For one people are surprised that Lakers teammates where possibly breaking social distancing guidelines during the scrimmages. Also people feel that this is a form of cheating that gives Lakers a leg up on the competition when the NBA season restarts.

Right now it’s all just a rumor started by JJ Reddick that Lakers were holding secret scrimmages at a Bel-Air Mansion during quarantine. This means Lakers are innocent until this rumor is proven as fact.

Author: JordanThrilla