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Lebron James Groin Injury: Lebron James Injures Groin Again in Game 4 of 2020 NBA Finals Heat vs Lakers

Lebron James’ groin injury is the biggest story from Game 4 of the NBA Finals Heat vs Lakers. With about two minutes left to go in the game Lebron James injured his groin again while reaching for a loose ball. He stooped down on the court for few a seconds before getting up and trying to walk.

Lebron James held his groin area as he winced in visible pain. It was the same way he injured his groin the first time it happened two years ago.


Lebron James groin issues go back to last season when he first injured it against Warriors in December of 2018. Since then he has reaggravated the groin injury many times. Most people who’ve had a groin injury and played sports will tell you that the injury never completely heals. It becomes something you have to “manage”. It can flare up at any time with one wrong motion.

The good news here is Game 5 is 3 days away on Friday. Lebron James will have to time to tend to his groin injury. Lakers have the luxury of a 3-1 lead on the Heat, so Lebron could possibly sit out a game too.

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