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Travis Scott Pledges to Pay for 5 College Students Tuition But There is One Small Catch

Travis Scott really wants college students to succeed, and he proved it today with an amazing annoucement. Travis Scott will pay for 5 students college tuition. The only catch is Travis Scott will pay for their FIRST semester tuition, but nothing thereafter.

Regardless this is an incredible thing for him to do. In his tweet announcement Travis Scott said, “I know school just started, and I want to take care of 5 kids tuition for their first semester of school. Why not?“.

Travis Scott is about to save somebodies parents a whole lot of money. One college semester can set you back as much as $30,000. Travis Scott is paying the 5 College Students’ tuition for that first semester no matter the cost presumably.

One thing Travis Scott didn’t make clear is how he will select the 5 college students. It’s possible he might select random students from twitter, then verify they’re an actual student.

Usually Travis Scott is ruling the airwaves with some new music, but this time Travis Scott paying for 5 students tuition has his name buzzing.

Congratulations in advance to the 5 college students who will win Travis Scott’s tuition award.

Author: JordanThrilla

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