Lil Boosie Arrested at Walmart After Trying To Fight George Zimmerman on Video in Florida.

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Aftermath of a Lil Boosie vs George Zimmerman fight is now being reported. Lil Boosie was allegedly arrested in Walmart after attacking George Zimmerman on Video. Reports say Zimmerman was not arrested.

Details into why only Boosie was arrested have not been said, but it may be due to the people there saying he was an aggressor.

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A video of the incident is supposed to be leaking soon, which will give us a clear look into what exactly happened.

One thing to note is that if Lil Boosie was the aggressor, there is always the chance the Zimmerman provoked him first.

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Once that video is out, we will now exactly what happened at that walmart today. Lil Boosie cooks his eggs with a knife, so he isn’t the person you want to mess with. George Zimmerman may have learned that the hard way today.

Author: JordanThrilla

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