Lil Boosie Cooks His Eggs With Knife Scraping His Pan Up on Instagram Live to allegedly send a message to Kappas.

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Lil Boosie was spotted on IG Live cooking eggs, while trying to slice up a metal pan. The chilling yet funny video makes you wonder the state of mind Lil Boosie is in. Some people believe he is sending a messages to the Kappas in their ongoing beef.

The entire video doesn’t make any sense. The knife wasn’t moving the eggs much, then you have the pieces of metal that will be in the eggs from the knife carving at the old pan. This may likely be why Lil Boosie doesn’t appear to be in good health most of the time. He could be getting metal poising from his egg cooking techniques.

Whatever the case may be, lets just hope he enjoyed those eggs. They admittedly looked very fluffy, which is always good when it comes to eggs. I might go eat some eggs right now after watching that video, I definitely will be using a silicon spatula though.

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Author: JordanThrilla

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