A man name “Slim Shady” flashed money at the mall to get girls while goons plotted to rob him in the parking lot. In the footage in sounded like the goons where licking their chops at a target that seemed like an easy lick.

When the man started to count the money in front a girl walking by, the goons said “ooouuuu where you parked at” as they recorded him. That’s when the goons named their target “Slim Shady”. He was flexing, while the goons were planning to finesse him.

It’s been awhile since we wrote an article about a flexing gone wrong situation, but this is the closest to another one. Last time a woman got robbed while flexing her stimulus check money.

In this case the outcome of the situation is not known, so it’s not clear whether this was a case of 100% flexing gone wrong. However, judging from the thirstiness in the goons voices it sounds like it didn’t end well for “Slim Shady”.

This shows why it’s best not to flash massive amounts of money in public, because the streets is really watching.

Author: JordanThrilla