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Paul George Exposed For Being a Good Luck Charm for Crazy Game Winning Shots Against His Own Team

Paul George was exposed for being a good luck charm for crazy game winning shots against his own team. After Devin Booker hit a crazy game winner right in his eye, fans started to compile videos of numerous NBA players hitting game winning shots right in Paul George’s face.

The reason fans are going in on him is because he infamously said “That was a bad shot” after Damian Lillard sent OKC home in the 2019 playoffs.

Here is the infamous clip of Paul George being salty about Damian Lillard’s amazing game winner.

People from the likes of Rudy Gay to legends like Dwyane Wade have all hit game winners with Paul George trying his best to stop them. From a coaching standpoint Paul George’s length makes him the perfect player to guard a final shot.

However, from philosophical standpoint Clippers may want to refrain from putting Paul George on the player taking the final shot from now on. Given his track record, there’s a good change they will make no matter how impossible it looks.

It’s been rough day for Paul George, and now he’s known as good luck charm that’s bad luck for his own team.

Author: JordanThrilla

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