Man Wears Yeezy Sneakers As Coronavirus Face Mask At Store in Viral Photo.

A man has gone viral after he used Kanye West Yeezy 700 sneakers as DIY Face Mask for COVID-19, The viral photo shows the man wearing the Yeezy Sneaker over his face while shopping at store to serve as a protective face mask.

The man tied the shoe laces around his head to secure the Yeezy 700 sneakers to his face, making it a make shift face mask.

No scientific studies have done on Yeezy sneakers to test their effectiveness of being used a face mask against coronavirus. However, anything is possible when it comes to Kanye West, so maybe they actually work.

Hopefully that was near pair Yeezy sneakers, and not an old worn pair. You wouldn’t want to breathing in the fumes of old sneakers.

Author: JordanThrilla