Marcus Mariota Spotted Looking like a Hawaiian Aaron Rodgers Unrecognizable on Titans sideline after losing his starting job.

Marcus Mariota is going viral after fans spotted him looking homeless, like he hadn’t shaved or had a haircut in years depressed on Titans sideline.

People believe he looks exactly like a Hawaiian version of Aaron Rodgers. People think Marcus Mariota let himself go after losing his starting quarterback job. Here is how he used to looked as a starter.

It doesn’t even look like the same person anymore. Now here is a picture of Mariota side by side with Aaron Rodgers.

If Aaron Rodgers ever got stranded in Hawaii with no food or water, he would look exactly like how Marcus Mariota looks now. Losing your starting job in the NFL can take a toll on your ego, and it looks like it completely destroyed Marcus Mariota’s ego.