A Minneapolis Captain America protester threw a trash can lid at a Police Officer’s head like Captain America’s shield. The police officer suffered severe injuries, but is expected to recover. The shocking footage shows the protester thrown trash can lid hitting the police officer in the back of his head. The cop was knocked out instantly and drops to the ground.

The sound the trash can lid made when connecting with police officers skull really conveyed the force and accuracy it was thrown with. It sounded just like Captain America’s shield in an Avengers movie.

It’s not clear why the Minneapolis protester threw the trash can lid at the cop, but it looks like a random attack. It seems the protester waited for the perfect moment when the police officer’s back was turned. Perhaps this was to symbolize the cops shooting Jacob Blake while his back was turned.

When protesters start attacking cops or cops start using aggressive force towards protesters, the situation becomes dangerous for everyone. This is why it’s best to keep things peaceful. However, the Captain America protester had other ideas with his trash can lid shield.

Author: JordanThrilla