When the buzzer sounded and Game 4 of Lakers vs Nuggets was over basketball wasn’t on Lebron James’ mind, he was thinking about Breonna Taylor. When reporter Morgann Mitchell the only black woman in the room asked Lebron James what it means to protect Black women, it became a powerful moment on social media during his post game interview.

Lebron told black women “They’re not alone. No matter the disrespect or what they may feel.” Lebron James said it was very important to let black women they’re not alone.

The pain in Lebron James heart is evident. He himself is raising a young black woman, so the Breonna Taylor situation definitely hits close to home for him, and many other parents. What happened to Breonna Taylor could happen to anyone, which makes it so scary.

Lebron’s words of wisdom on protecting black women will never be forgotten. It seems Morgann Mitchell was almost in tears at Lebron James revealing how he feels about protecting black women. So many people where touched by his post game interview speech.

Author: JordanThrilla