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Nicki Minaj Dubbed Scarface after ‘Calling Shots’ Video in Room Full of Goons During Queen Radio

Has Nicki Minaj turned into Scarface? The rap superstar and self-proclaimed queen of hip-hop, has recently sparked controversy with her latest video, in which she appears to channel the infamous gangster Scarface.

In the footage, Nicki Minaj and an entire army of men behind her, which insinuated that she was their boss and calling shots like the mobster Scarface. She repeatedly says, “There’s a difference between making calls and calling shots”, implying that she is in charge of her own destiny, does not take orders from anyone, and controls all the people in the room with her.

The video has drawn comparisons to the 1983 crime drama film Scarface, directed by Brian De Palma and written by Oliver Stone. The film tells the story of Cuban refugee Tony Montana (Al Pacino), who arrives penniless in Miami during the Mariel boatlift and becomes a powerful drug lord. The film is known for its excessive violence, profanity, and graphic drug usage, as well as its iconic line, “Say hello to my little friend”, uttered by Montana before his final shootout with his enemies.

Some fans have expressed concern over Nicki Minaj’s new Scarface persona, fearing that it could lead to trouble for her and her career. They worry that she is becoming too arrogant, aggressive, and reckless, and that she is alienating her peers and supporters. They also miss the old Nicki Minaj, who was known for her colorful wigs, quirky outfits, and playful personality. They wonder if she is losing herself in her quest for power.

However, some fans have defended Nicki Minaj’s video, arguing that it is a creative expression of her confidence and ambition. They praise her for being bold, fearless, and independent, and for not letting anyone or anything stop her from achieving her goals. They also point out that she is not glorifying violence or drugs, but rather using them as metaphors for her success and influence.

Does this really make Nicki Minaj the most gangster female rapper alive today? It’s tough to think of any other female artist that can have that many goons pull up at the drop of a dime. It looked like all the men in that room were ready to ride or die for her on command. This takes the term “barbz” to a whole new level.

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