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Offended Native Americans React to Racist Hashtag #Brokeahontas Being Used to Diss Donald Trump Being Broke in Viral Trend

Native Americans are not happy that hashtag #Brokeahontas is viral. When Donald Trump’s Tax Return information revealed to the world he was losing money, many jokes started to trend on social media calling Trump broke. Most of them where funny and lighthearted at the core, but things went too far when the racist hashtag #Brokeahontas went viral.

Offended Native Americans reacted to the #Brokehontas hashtag being used to diss Donald Trump’s broke status, by educating people on how racist it was to their ethnic group.

First take a look at an example of a “Brokeahontas” tweet dissing Donald Trump, which made the hashtag start trending.

The tweets below are some of the angry reactions from Native Americans who where very offended people where using the racist hashtag #Brokeahontas. Most of the Native Americans offended weren’t even Trump supporters, they actually admitted disliking him. However, the offensiveness of the hashtag outweighed making fun of Donald Trump.

Take a look.

Brokeahontas” is slang term created from the Native American name Pocahontas. According to Native American history, Pocahontas was an indigenous teenager who was assaulted and murdered. The hashtag being viral is mocking Pocahontas’ death and suffering in a sense.

Politics can be a very messy game of verbal warfare. You have a two party system that creates a cult like following on both ends of the political spectrum. This creates extreme biases between the opposing groups, which leads to people sometimes overlooking how offensive their vernacular is becoming from a non political standpoint.

This leads to situations like the racist hashtag “Brokeahontas” trending, where Native Americans who dislike Trump are being offended by other people who dislike Trump.

Author: JordanThrilla