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Parliament of Brazil Raids Fake COVID-19 Hospital With No Patients in Viral Video


Members of Parliament of Brazil raided a fake COVID-19 Hospital with no patients. The fake coronavirus hospital claimed to have 5000 patients infected and 200 dead. When Brazilian authorities broke into the fake COVID-19 hospital there was not even one patient with coronavirus, everyone was healthy and enjoying the free money they were scamming from the government. 5,000 fake patients that all of Brazil thought had the coronavirus. Naturally this new development is fueling conspiracy theories about Bill Gates.


Check out the incredible footage.


This is basically like the coronavirus version of the FYRE festival disaster. What people envisioned of the event was an elaborate manifestation of their minds created by Ja Rule and others. In this case the elaborate COVID-19 hospital with 5,000 patients was actually an empty hospital with no patients in reality.


Now the question some people ask themselves is how many other hospitals around the world are doing this or slightly fudging their numbers and not getting caught? Are fake coronavirus hospitals in Brazil are part of Bill Gates plan conspiracy theorists tell people about?


The silver lining here is that the 5,000 sick patients and 200 dead were only imaginary.


Author: JordanThrilla

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