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Project Athia and STRAY Go Viral from PS5 Reveal

Project Athia and STRAY are viral after the PS5 reveal took the world by storm. Project Athia developed by Square Enix looks like Tomb Raider on steroids with magical powers.

STRAY developed by Bluetwelve is a mysterious game about a cat, and world full robots that look straight out the “Chappie” movie. STAY had the most immersive environment witnessed during the Playstation 5 Reveal.

To see footage of Project Athia skip to the 16:40 min mark of the video.

To see footage of Stray skip to the 17:10 min mark of the video.

Sony showed the footage of the game one after another, so you can just let the video play from the Project Athia starting point to really feel immersive of these incredible games.

Back in October of last year, an alleged GameFan magazine editor described seeing PS5 demos and stated it was the first time ever surreal graphics had been achieved during a game.

After seeing Project Athia and STRAY at the PS5 reveal, it’s clear there was some truth to that report. This is a big moment for gamers around the world. The Playstation 5 is truly the pinnacle of gaming and Project Athia and STRAY Prove it.

Author: JordanThrilla

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