Rajon Rondo broke his hand at Orlando Bubble during Lakers first practice according to a new rumor. Details on how the Rajon Rondo hand injury happened have been kept secret within the Orlando Bubble. Most reports confirmed the Rajon Rondo hand injury was very serious, using the nice term “significant” to describe the damage to his hand.

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Some people believe Rajon Rondo may have punched a wall in anger, because of his disdain of the quality amenities at the Orlando Bubble.

Most likely this report is true given the sheer number of media outlets reporting the news. This would mean Alex Caruso might be the full time starting point guard for at least the first month of the Orlando Bubble season. That could actually end up being a good thing all things considered.

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The trend of Rajon Rondo being unreliable due to freak injuries continues. This time Rajon Rondo broke his hand his first day at the Orlando Bubble. Hopefully, he didn’t injure his hand in an angry outburst about his motel 6 room.

Author: JordanThrilla

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