Rajon Rondo dissed NBA for giving him a motel 6 room in Orlando Bubble. NBA superstars are used to ultra luxury hotel rooms the size if of mid size apartments, so when Rajon Rondo saw his roomed looked like Motel 6 you know he was probably speechless. He posted a photo on twitter with a short caption “Motel 6 hun NBA”. Rajon Rondo’s Motel 6 room didn’t even have a fridge, just a tiny microwave.

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He was definitely telling the truth. Rajon Rondo is literally staying in a renovated Motel 6 hotel room. He might even see that one roach that crawls out of nowhere leaving you on edge the whole time you’re there.

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Rajon Rondo is a bench player, so this maybe the quality of rooms the NBA gave to players with lower salaries. It’s hard to imagine the superstar athletes like Lebron James, Lonzo Ball, and Anthony Davis agreeing to stay in Motel 6 rooms during the Orlando bubble.

Who knows, maybe the terrible Motel 6 accommodations will give some teams the edge they need pull off an upset in the NBA playoffs.

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Author: JordanThrilla

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