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Singer From R&B Group 702 LeMisha Grinstead is Homeless and Needs Help

LeMisha Grinstead, a member of the ’90s R&B group 702, has revealed that she is homeless and in need of help. The singer shared her plight in a lengthy Instagram post on Monday, September 20, 2023, where she accused her children’s father, known as “Sir Champ”, of kicking her out of his mother’s house.

Grinstead, who is the sister of the late Irish Grinstead, another member of 702 who died earlier this month, wrote that she had nowhere to go and no money to support herself. She pleaded with Sir Champ to let her stay until she could get back on her feet, but he refused.

“You couldn’t let me get back on my feet before you threw me out your mother’s house?” she wrote. “You threw me out like a piece of trash. You don’t care about me or our kids. You only care about yourself and your new girlfriend. You are a heartless and selfish man.”

Grinstead’s posts have received thousands comments from fans and fellow celebrities who expressed their sympathy and support for her. Some of them offered to donate money or provide shelter for her, while others urged her to contact her former bandmates or other organizations that could assist her.

702 was a popular R&B girl group that debuted in 1996 with their first album No Doubt, which featured the hit single “Steelo” produced by Missy Elliott. The group’s second album 702, was released in 1999 and included the smash hit “Where My Girls At?”, which peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The group’s third and final album Star was released in 2003 and featured collaborations with Pharrell Williams and Clipse. The group disbanded in 2006, but reunited briefly in 2017 for a tour.

Grinstead’s situation is a stark contrast to the success and fame she enjoyed as a member of 702. It is also a tragic reminder of the hardships and struggles that many former celebrities face after their careers end. It is unclear how Grinstead ended up homeless or why she did not receive any support from her family or friends. It is also unknown if Sir Champ has responded to her allegations or if he will reconsider his decision to evict her.

Grinstead’s fans hope that she will be able to overcome this difficult time and find a way to rebuild her life. They also hope that she will receive justice for the alleged abuse and mistreatment she suffered from Sir Champ. They pray that she will find peace and happiness again.

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