Everyone knows dating can be expensive, but a lot of people didn’t know what the actual average cost was according to statistics. The average price of a date in every US state might be even more than you once thought.

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A new chart was recently released delving into this information, and not surprisingly New York at $297.27 and New Jersey $259.60 had the highest cost of dates on average. The high prices of dating in other States was the most shocking part.

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Take a look at the average cost of a date in the US for every State.

How the average man probably feels looking at the cost of a date in the United States is accurately conveyed with the video below.

Based on the chart if you are living in California, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, or Massachusetts be ready to shell out at least $200 to impress that special lady. Men in places like North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, or Nebraska are lucky. They can impress a lady with only about a mere $50.

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With prices like prices like these being the average cost of a date in the United States it’s easy to see why people are dating less these days, even before the pandemic. However, the old saying goes “it’s not tricking if you got it”.

Author: JordanThrilla

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