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The Donald Trump Clone Conspiracy Theory Emerges After Strange Silver Patch Seen on Trump’s Scalp

The Donald Trump Clone conspiracy theory is catching wind after people noticed a strange silver patch on his scalp. In the photo Donald Trump has a silver object stuck to the right side of his head, carefully covered by his hair. It almost looks like the type of cover that would be used if someone operated on your brain in a Sci-fi movie such as The Matrix.

This has given breath to the conspiracy theory that Donald Trump was cloned.

In the photo it’s undeniable that Donald Trump has some type of silver device either implanted or stuck on his scalp. According to the Donald Trump Clone conspiracy theory, that silver patch covers the access point that is used to possibly program the mind of his clone. We scoured through other pictures of Donald Trump to see if we can debunk this conspiracy theory, but we weren’t able to find any other photo of him wearing that device.

Could conspiracy theorists actually be right that Donald Trump was cloned? Given how crazy this year has been so far, anything is possible. One thing is for sure that silver patch on Donald Trump’s scalp is very strange.

Author: JordanThrilla

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