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The Man Who Cut Maino’s Face in Prison Shoots Two People While Dressed as a Woman in Viral Video

Charles Hernandez the man who sliced Maino’s face in prison shot two people while dressed as a woman in a viral video. The security camera footage shows the man who cut Maino’s face wearing a blonde wig and walking out of view, then you can hear his semi-automatic rifle going off. The victims he murdered where sitting on their porch when he opened fired on them.

Charles Hernandez isn’t only the man who cut Maino’s face, he is also the same man that was accused of murdering Stephon Marbury’s cousin, he beat that case though. Police haven’t mentioned any motive behind him murdering the two victims on the porch.

It would be interesting to see what Maino would say about the man who give him his now famous face scar being charged with murder. Maino never would of imagined the same person who cut his face in prison would dress as a blonde woman and commit murder in broad daylight in 2020.

RIP to the two victims.

Author: JordanThrilla

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