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TI Responds to Busta Rhymes By Telling Him He’s Too Old for Verzuz Battle

TI responded Busta Rhymez saying he was scared to Verzuz Battle him, and what he said was a tad disrespectful. Basically, T.I. told Busta Rhymes he’s too old for a Verzuz Battle opponent.

He didn’t say that literally, but rather he insinuated it. T.I. said there is a generational gap between him and Busta Rhymes. As we all know that is code for “you’re too old”.

First take a look at Busta Rhymes calling out TI saying he wanted no parts of a Verzuz Battle.

Now listen to TI calling Busta Rhymes old, by mentioning a “generational gap”.

Busta Rhymes is 48 and T.I. is 40, which puts an 8 year difference between two hiphop legends. Busta Rhymes was hot in the 90’s and TI came prevalence during the early 2000’s, so there is definitely a large generation gap between them.

However, T.I. is underestimating HipHop fans. There are many hiphop fans who will be familiar with all of Busta Rhymes songs, as well as TI’s catalog. This is why it’s not hard to believe that T.I. might really be copping pleas so he doesn’t have to lose a Verzuz Battle to Busta Rhymes.

For the sake of HipHop it would be great if a TI vs Busta Rhymes Verzuz Battle goes down. That would be legendary.

Author: JordanThrilla

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