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Tim Hardaway Jr does Dr. J Layup On Clippers in Game 4 and Shocks the Basketball Universe

Tim Hardaway Jr did a Dr. J layup on the Clippers in Game 4 and shocked the basketball universe. Tim Hardaway’s Dr. J layup was a major momentum boost during the game, that helped fueled Dallas Mavericks’ comeback from down 21 at one point in the game. On a pass that was deflected, Tim Hardaway took off from the baseline behind the rim, then did a reverse layup just like Dr. J in the 70s.

It was like looking through a time machine in real life. Take a look a Tim Hardaway Jr’s Julius Erving layup, then Dr. J himself doing the layup.


If you’re a true fan of basketball, you might have shed a tear watching the Tim Hardaway Jr’s Julius Erving layup. Two generations spread apart by many years where connected in that moment. Dr. J and Tim Hardway Sr. probably both broke down in tears seeing Tim Hardaway pull off a Dr. J reverse layup.

Moments like these are why we love this game, as the NBA always says.

Author: JordanThrilla

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