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Video of Errol Spence Drunk in Club where he tried to Fight his Girlfriend Before his Accident Leaks

A video of Errol Spence drunk in the club where he tried to fight his girlfriend before his accident has emerged. In a post I made on the night of his accident, I posted screenshot from his girlfriend IG live feed, where she claimed he tried fight her, which suggested he was drinking before the car wreck in his Ferrari. This video confirms those thoughts I had.

In the video, an inebriated Errol Spence can be seen sweating with glazed over eyes, and holding cash. At times it looked like he wasn’t sure whether he wanted to throw the cash he was holding, or keep it. The sad part here, would be the friends he was with. They should of been able to look out for their friend, and see he wasn’t in any condition to drive his Ferrari that night. Errol Spence needs to move a little smarter, because drinking and driving, and trying to fight your girlfriend, surely weren’t the smartest decisions to make.

All in all, there were bad decisions made all around that night. The most important thing is, that Errol Spence is still alive and well. Hopefully he learns from this situation.