The scary Godzilla monster sound coming from Golden Gate Bridge in videos has to heard to be believed. Back in June Engineers put new sides on its sidewalks to help with wind resistance, but when wind passes now Golden Gate Bridge makes a very loud sound howling like a monster rising from the water.

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The Golden Gate Bridge now sounds like Godzilla anytime time it’s windy outside. Some people have likened it to Golden Gate Bridge singing horror songs. Viral videos showed just how terrifying Golden Gate Bridge sound is in person when it’s slightly windy outside.

Would you cross that bridge? The monster sound the Golden Gate Bridge makees might make you turn back halfway across the bridge, it’s so scary. The sound is so loud it almost sounds like the bridge is collapsing.

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From a business standpoint this turned out to be a gold mine. The Godzilla sound the Golden Gate Bridge has made it a world wide attraction. People around the world now travel just to experience this terrifying loud sound the Golden Gate Bridge makes. Crossing that bridge is definitely not for the faint of heart though.

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Author: JordanThrilla

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