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“50 THENT” Goes Viral

50 THENT is viral after another 50 cent mural randomly popped up. This time the mural mixed 50 Cent with Mike Tyson to create the toughest rapper ever “50 THENT”. As usual 50 Cent reacted with anger towards the mural saying, “This guy need a whooping bad, he’s still doing this”.

The emergence of 50 Thent coincides with Mike Tyson announcing his return to boxing. In addition 50 Cent was falling off in the music realm, but made a major comeback through producing TV shows. The artist who goes by “Lushsox” may have been inspired by that connection and mixed Mike Tyson and 50 Cent together to make “50 THENT”.

Let’s hope Ja Rule never crosses path with 50 Thent.

Author: JordanThrilla