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Bill Cosby Smiling like The Joker in New Mugshot Goes Viral

Has Bill Cosby become The Joker? Bill Cosby smiling The Joker in a new Mugshot is going viral. Some fans think the new mugshot makes him look like Fred Sanford, but others think the smiling mugshot makes Bill Cosby look like The Joker from Batman. In the new mugshot Bill Cosby has huge smile on his face, and his hair is grown out considerably longer than what people were accustomed to seeing.

The interesting thing is Bill Cosby looks younger and happier than ever, as if going to jail made his life better.

Take a look at the new Bill Cosby smiling The Joker in his new mugshot.

Now here is Bill Cosby’s mugshot compared side by side with Fred Sanford from the “Sanford and Son” show. You can see with the longer hair Bill Cosby looks very similar to him.

Bill Cosby might be going insane due to the harsh jail environment, just like The Joker went insane from his harsh environment. Bill Cosby smiling in his mugshot, might be out of pure craziness and not happiness.

Regardless of the reasons behind it, Bill Cosby’s smiling mugshot looking like The Joker will never be forgotten. This will definitely make the top 10 celebrity mugshots list.

Batman better watch out, because Bill Cosby could be his newest arch nemesis.

Author: JordanThrilla

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