Bronny turnt up while streaming NBA 2K20 is going viral after Bronny got booted offline mid session by Lebron James possibly. In the videos Bronny Jr was streaming NBA 2K while playing against some well know online gamers. That’s when Lebron James possibly booted Bronny James offline in the middle of his NBA 2K20 online session, because he was being too turnt up.

Some people are saying Bronny rage quit and booted himself from the NBA 2K session. However, some people think Lebron James got mad about something and disconnected the WiFi on Bronny Jr mid session.

Whatever the case may be, Bronny James turning up while streaming NBA 2K was too funny. If Lebron did boot Bronny from his NBA 2K stream by disconnecting the WiFi, it might be because he was trying to get that extra sleep before the NBA season starts back up.

Author: JordanThrilla