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Did Cardi B Bully and Threaten a 7 Year Old Kid in NYC for Talking Trash in her IG DM Messages?

Cardi B allegedly bullied and threatened a 7 Year Old Kid in NYC for talking trash in her Instagram DM Messages.

According to leaked screenshots, Cardi B even told the kid “Get out my city, Last warning”, threatening him with scary language. In the messages Cardi B also uses harsh profanity and even disrespects the little kids mother. Is Cardi B really beefing with 7 year old kids now?

The kid claims Cardi B blocked him, then unblocked, just so she could bully and berate him.

If the messages are real, this would be the second time Cardi B has went at kid for making comments about her. It’s clear age might not be factor for Cardi B when it comes to beef.

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