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Carmelo Anthony “I GOT IT” War Cry with One Second Left During Blazers vs Nets at Orlando Bubble Goes Viral

Carmelo Anthony’s “I GOT IT” war cry with 1 second left during Blazers vs Nets at Orlando Bubble is viral. After Caris Levert missed a shot that would of sent Blazers home, Carmelo Anthony yells “I GOT IT” as he grabbed a rebound after the buzzer had sounded. He then smashed the basketball into the stanchion knowing that had just won an almost impossible battle to qualify for the 8th seed “play in” game.

The moment will make you shed a tear, if you’re a true Carmelo Anthony. Damian Lillard almost start crying after Melo yelled “I GOT IT” if you watch closely.

Carmelo Anthony has been the second best player on the Blazers throughout their battle to make the playoffs at Orlando Bubble. He has made clutch shot after clutch shot that saved their season multiple times. His defense has been spectacular too.

The Carmelo Anthony “I GOT IT” war cry at the end of regulation vs Brooklyn was the moment he knew his doubters where proved wrong. It probably won’t happen, but we’ll say it anyway, give that man a max two year contract next season.

All Carmelo has to do now is help Dame Time lead the Blazers past the young Grizzlies team.

Author: JordanThrilla

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