Chicago Bulls Logo turned upside down is actually a Robot making love to Crab ... Proof inside 😂

Chicago Bulls Logo turned upside down is actually Robot having sex with a Crab, making love. Lets turn the logo upside down, and then it becomes clear what the logo really is

Take a close look at the circle. You can now see the Bulls' nose is actually a robot with two arms holding on to a crab, the Bulls' nostrils are actually two eyes on the head of the robot.

Now take a look at the big circle. The Bulls head is actually a large crab, with horns being the Crabs legs, and Bulls ears being the crabs front arms.

Now I'm not sure if this was intentional, or unintentional on the logo designers' part. It would be pretty hard to miss though. Team logos have a lot of hidden meanings these days, but I'm not sure what exactly this one would mean. Maybe Robots and Crabs were meant to be together?



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