Many men fear losing their hair. As men age, and they see their hairline start to recede, that fear starts to grow continuously. Everyone wants to keep that prime hairline they had when they were younger. This includes Paul George, who has one of the most magnificent hairlines in sports history.

A video clip has emerged from this past NBA season, that shows just how much Paul George thinks about his perfectly straight hairline. in the video Raymond Felton thinks Paul George has headache, because he keeps touching his forehead. To Raymond Felton’s surprise Paul George Admits he is actually checking his hairline to make sure his “line is straight”. Even during an NBA game this was important to Paul George, more important than the game itself.

The Hair loss industry makes billion dollars per year. With new products such as Laser hair caps seen below, saving your hair and hairline is easier than ever before.

If you have a prime hairline like Paul George, there is no need to keep rubbing your head making people think you have a headache. There is technology available these days to help you keep that hair strong.

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