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Did A$AP Rocky Steal and Copy His New Song “Babushka Boi” From an artist Named ByeMilo?

Did ASAP Rocky steal or copy his new song “Babushka Boi”?

This question is going viral, because people on social media noticed that ByeMilo’s “Untitled 4” sounds exactly like ASAP Rocky’s “Babushka Boi” at the core.

As you’ll see after hearing the evidence, it would be very hard for someone to say these two songs don’t sound at least very similar. Even the cadences sound the same.

First take a listen to ASAP Rocky new song “Babushka Boi”.

Now Take listen to a track called “Untitled 4” from an artist called ByeMilo album “After Party.


A$AP Rocky may have copied and stole ByeMilo’s song “Untitled 4” from the Album “After Party”, or it could just be coincidence.

One thing is for sure both songs sound good.

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