Did Floyd Mayweather get a hair transplant? A Floyd Mayweather hair and beard transplant conspiracy theory is shocking fans worldwide.

It all started when he posted a picture of himself in Istanbul, Turkey. In the photo Floyd Mayweather appears to have newly implanted hair and beard plugs. It was easy for fans to notice, because he had follicles in places he clearly didn’t before.

Take a look at the alleged evidence.

There are a few intricated details, which seem to make it obvious Floyd Mayweather got a hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey. When you zoom in closely you can see the patterns of the new hair plugs that were inserted on his face and scalp. Also you can see his face is swollen, which is a common side effect of hair transplant surgery.

All things make it seem official, but since he hasn’t officially said it himself for now it remains a Floyd Mayweather hair and beard plugs conspiracy theory.

Author: JordanThrilla