Did Crunchy Black admit Human Trafficking? Rapper Crunchy revealed how much he made pimping women during a new interview with DJ Vlad. Some people are upset that DJ Vlad released this footage, because they feel it could implicate Crunchy Black on Human Trafficking charges.

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According to his account, Crunchy Black pimped women making him as much as $27,000 a night. He talked in depth about the gritty pimping scene in his hometown of Memphis. He even insinuated he’s still pimping in 2020.

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Take a listen to the interview, and some of the reactions mentioning Crunchy Black human trafficking charges.

The reaction above is correct. In recent times people who label themselves as “Pimps” such as Crunchy Black have been getting hit with human trafficking charges left and right. Back in the 70’s and 80’s pimping women wasn’t as looked down upon as it is today. There are many people that might think Crunchy Black is human trafficking after the DJ Vlad interview.

Certain things about your past and present are better left unsaid in the public space, especially if what you’re doing could be considered a crime. The people that feel Crunchy Black is Human Trafficking probably know his mindset is stuck in the 70’s, but that won’t save you from the backlash it could bring.

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Crunchy Black may have just snitched on himself unknowingly, by forgetting it’s 2020 and the world is more sensitive than ever about women being pimped by men. It’s easy to see why some people are upset that DJ Vlad released footage of Crunchy Black talking about pimping women.

Author: JordanThrilla

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