Did Trapboy Freddy kill Mo3? Trapboy Freddy’s reaction to Mo3’s death has social media in outrage. After news of Mo3 dead, Trapboy Freddy posted a video celebrating on the same highway where Mo3 was shot and killed.

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In the footage Trapboy Freddy shows where traffic was blocked off due to the Mo3 shooting. Trapboy Freddy then says “It’s time to pop some bottles b****, it’s bottle popping time. It’s party time. Whoever got the freeway blocked need to get their s*** together“.

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In essence Trapboy Freddy is acting oblivious to Mo3’s death, even though he was near Mo3’s dead body. Does this mean Trapboy Freddy had something do with Mo3 getting shot and killed? Take a look at the disrespectful footage.

Trapboy Freddy was beefing with Mo3 recently, and was known as one of his biggest enemies. Is it a coincidence that Trapboy Freddy is in the same area after Mo3 is dead?

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It’s not good to jump to conclusions, but Trapboy Freddy’s reaction to the Mo3 shooting looks very fishy, considering he is in the same vicinity. It’s clear there is no love lost between these two even in Mo3’s death.

It’s really turning into a full out war with these hip hop beefs. Hopefully Trapboy Freddy didn’t kill Mo3, but he’s definitely making himself look suspicious.

Author: JordanThrilla

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