In the NBA there’s a term that goes “catch and shoot”, and Duncan Robinson is the epitome of that phrase. Duncan Robinson tapped in a three point shot during Celtics vs Heat Game 2. Duncan Robinson’s quick three point shot instantly went viral on social media. People where acting like Duncan Robinson did the quickest shot release ever seen, and for good reason.

If you try counting the amount of time it took him to shoot the ball after catching, it’s almost less than one second. It was so fast you could argue that Duncan Robinson tapped in a 3 point shot. Take a look at the footage.

The only player in the league that comes close to that speed is Stephen Curry at certain times. However, in this case Duncan Robinson almost didn’t dip his knees at all.

Marcus Smart was right next to him and was still late on trying to block his shot, because of how fast he let go off the ball.

Duncan Robinson continues to be the undrafted version of Klay Thompson for the Heat.

Author: JordanThrilla