Maya Moore is a true soldier of social justice, and she proved in a way no one would of ever imagined. WNBA Superstar Maya Moore married former prisoner Jonathan Irons. She helped free him from prison after he spent 23 years behind bars due to a wrongful conviction.

Maya Moore even abandoned the WNBA to help this man get free from prison, which makes this story even more beautiful. Take a look a video about it.

Even the best movie writer couldn’t come up with a love story this deep. Maya Moore gave up her WNBA career in her prime to help Jonathan Irons, not knowing if she would even be successful at the time. Now 2 months after successfully getting his wrongful conviction overturned, Maya Moore is married Jonathan Irons to him.

Congratulations to Maya Moore and Jonathan Irons on becoming husband and wife. If that’s not true love then what is?

Author: JordanThrilla