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FEDS Say 30 Chicago Gangs Formed a Pact To Shoot Cops and Spy on Them

Multiple reports are saying FBI has learned Chicago Gangs formed a pact to shoot cops and spy on them. According a report from ABC, FEDS received intel that that 30 Chicago gangs formed a pact to shoot any cop who pulls out their weapon in a public setting.

The Chicago Police Department superintendent David Brown said there have been 51 incidents of cops being shot in 2020, which is 4 times as much as the next highest number. With all the situations where cops killed civilians unjustly, the Chicago streets have become increasingly dangerous for Cops.

The Chicago gangs have allegedly been secretly recording endless footage of cops around their area, in hopes of finding one that pulls out their gun for any reason. Once they have footage of the cop drawing their weapon, they become the next target. FEDS say the Chicago gangs want media attention.

Hopefully nothing comes of this, and everything remains peaceful.

Author: JordanThrilla

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