The average Ford Expedition SUV is meant to carry 8 people legally, but a horrific car crash revealed it’s possible to fit three times that amount of people inside it. On Tuesday a Ford Expedition SUV carrying 25 people crashed into an 18 Wheeler Truck killing 13 people in El Centro, California.


At the moment it’s not clear what caused the accident, but it was confirmed that the Semitruck hit the SUV with 25 people in it. It’s not known whether the high capacity load of the SUV contributed to the accident, but it’s probably highly likely. Can you imagine how crammed the inside of that Ford Expedition was with 25 people inside it?

Interior view of Ford Expedition carrying 25 people

The saddest part about this story is the fact that most of the 25 people in the SUV had no seat belts on them. Police reports state most of the 13 people that died were ejected from the vehicle upon impact. The photo above is the interior of the model of Ford Expedition involved in the wreck. As you can see for 25 people to fit inside that small space they must have literally been sitting on top of each other.

RIP to those who died in this unfortunate incident. Pray for the survivors.

Author: JordanThrilla